I Heard the Word (feat Shannon Sol Carroll) *

from by Band of Frequencies & friends

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Enough is enough. We are living in a time that sees humanity torn between economic agendas and environmental realities. This song was written after hearing about the peoples movement to publicly protest the economic superpowers agendas. The movement to let corporations and governments know that we do not want to be railroaded into over-consumption of our planet's resources for short term profits. It is a personal movement to simplify, consume less and maintain a sustainable way of living.

Every single person alive today is challenged to reconsider the concept of 'enough'. What is essential to our happy, healthy existence? What is simply 'enough'? Our personal and collective decisions have massive repercussions that will echo far into the daily reality of future generations' quality of life. Less is more. Enough is enough. Spread the word.


I heard the word,
Through word of mouth,
News travels fast
North, East, West and South.
There’s change in the air,
Words rumble underground,
Movement in the sea,
A mother wails aloud,

“I will not stand by,
and let greedy men decide,
the future of our days
the future of my child. No.

I see people on the move,
Families on their feet,
Sharing on the airwaves
Speaking in the street, saying
Progress towards what?
Profit at what cost?
The economy is saved
Yet Eden is lost.
Eden is lost

What’s the reaction
Direct action
What’s the solution
People’s revolution (x 2)

I will not stand by
And let greedy men decide
The future of our days
The future of my child

I will not stand by
And let greedy men decide
The future of our days
The future of mankind, No.


Written by Shannon Sol Carroll & Oj Newcomb
* Recorded & Mixed by Anthony Lycenko at Rockinghorse Studios, Byron Bay. www.anthonylycenko.com.au
~ Recorded & Mixed by Oj Newcomb on the Voyage with Zoom H4n Stereo recorder. www.lowpressureproductions.com
Mastered by Paul Blakey at 12th and Vine Post. www.12thandvinepost.com
Executive Producer: Oj Newcomb (Low Pressure Productions)
Produced by Oj Newcomb & Shannon Sol Carroll (Low Pressure Productions & Band of Frequencies) www.bandoffrequencies.com

Shannon Sol Carroll - Vox & Guitar
Oj Newcomb - B.Vox & Bass
Al Hicks - Drums
TSea Crew - B.Vox



all rights reserved