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Surfrider Foundation (www.surfrider.org)

The Surfrider Foundation Santa Barbara Chapter has led the 10 year fight to block development of a key Gaviota Coast property, along with its partner organizations the Environmental Defense Center and the Naples Coalition. So last year they were overjoyed at the news of a bank auction/foreclosure sale of a 1,035 acre parcel known as Naples, located on the Gaviota Coast.

First Bank, who initiated the foreclosure proceeding, set a minimum bid of $50 million for the property. No one entered a bid, including the land's former owner, Orange County developer Matt Osgood, thereby making First Bank the new owner of the property. Naples had been slated for a massive development of 71 luxury-style homes averaging 8,000 square feet in size. Following last years foreclosure sale, Osgood's development plans are uncertain at best.

"Last years forced foreclosure sale of Naples is a testament to the work of our chapter, our partners, and all those who have never given up on preserving the Gaviota Coast," said Surfrider Santa Barbara chair Sandy Lejeune. "That an overwhelming majority of citizens both in and outside of Santa Barbara oppose development on the Gaviota Coast cannot be overestimated," Lejeune also said.

After 10 long years of struggle this victory has re-energized the Surfrider Foundation Santa Barbara Chapter! They continue to be on constant alert for any threats to the Gaviota Coast and are vigilant in their strategy of "constant pressure endlessly applied" to preserve the last remaining 20 miles of undeveloped coastline in southern California.


You can help the Santa Barbara Chapter in their efforts to permanently preserve the Gaviota Coast’s rural character and unspoiled nature for future generations to enjoy?

Sign the Petition to Preserve The Gaviota Coast.
Link: action.surfrider.org/p/dia/action/public/?action_KEY=1629

THE GAVIOTA COAST, located in southern Santa Barbara County, includes the coastal watersheds between Coal Oil Point in Goleta, to Point Arguello on Vandenberg Air Force Base, and the remainder of Vandenberg’s coast to Point Sal. Surfrider’s Santa Barbara chapter is working to preserve the 20-mile stretch of the Gaviota Coast between Goleta and Gaviota, which draws more than a million visitors to its beaches, coastal canyons and mountain trails every year.

In just over two generations, more than ninety percent of southern California's once-unspoiled coastline has been lost to development forever. Expanding urbanization has displaced agriculture on fertile coastal plains, reduced public beach access, and stressed coastal watersheds and marine ecosystems. Rapid population growth in the region has led to dramatic loss of native biological diversity, and a general decline in the health of ecosystems we depend on. The Gaviota Coast’s intact ecosystems, riparian and wildlife corridors, important coastal farmland, rare and endangered animals, unique tidal wetlands, and Native American cultural sites are all gravely threatened by development.

Please sign our petition to permanently preserve the Gaviota Coast for future generations to enjoy!

For donations to directly help this cause go to this link: ww2.surfrider.org/santabarbara/PagesMain/support.html.


These 20 Miles
These 20 Miles
These 20 Miles
These 20 Miles, we set Sail

These 20 Miles
These 20 Miles
These 20 Miles
These 20 Miles, we set Sail

These 20 Miles
These 20 Miles open up your heart
These 20 Miles
These 20 Miles go on open up your heart
These 20 Miles
These 20 Miles We set sail

Share you love with the land
Share you love with the Sea
Share your love with all of us like you & me
Share you love with the Sea oh with me

These 20 Miles
These 20 Miles open up your hearts
These 20 Miles we opened up your hearts
These 20 Miles oh we opened up our hearts
These 20 Miles

These 20 Miles, last 20 miles left now, what has been
These 20 miles, last 20 miles left now, these 20 Miles
These 20 Miles, last 20 miles left now behind, mind kind
These 20 Miles, last 20 miles left behind save these 20 miles i say

These 20 Miles
These 20 Miles
These 20 Miles
These 20 Miles
These 20 Miles
These 20 Miles

Open up your mind
Open up your heart


Written by Owen J Newcomb, Angus Stone & Shannon Sol Carroll
* Recorded & Mixed by Anthony Lycenko at Rockinghorse Studios, Byron Bay. www.anthonylycenko.com.au
~ Recorded & Mixed by Oj Newcomb on the Voyage with Zoom H4n Stereo recorder. www.lowpressureproductions.com
Mastered by Paul Blakey at 12th and Vine Post. www.12thandvinepost.com
Executive Producer: Oj Newcomb (Low Pressure Productions)
Produced by Oj Newcomb & Shannon Sol Carroll (Low Pressure Productions & Band of Frequencies) www.bandoffrequencies.com

Angus Stone - Vox
Shannon Sol Carroll - Vox & Guitar
Oj Newcomb - B.Vox & Bass
Al Hicks - Drums
Angela Iimura - B.Vox.



all rights reserved